Andrey Nuzhdov

Programmer, reprapper, dancer and just a good person.

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PHP/Drupal, Java/Spring, C++, Node.JS...

Development of heterogeneous websites and web-services.

  • clarification of requirements together with the customer
  • deployment of the working environment in the shortest possible time
  • design and implementation of interfaces
  • selection of suitable frameworks and programming languages
  • designing a common service architecture
  • implementation of the frontend, backend, creation of databases
  • testing and testing automation
  • definition of bottlenecks, implementation of multithreading
  • integration with external services, gateways, payment systems
  • implementation of logging, generation of reports, collection of statistics

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Project management

JIRA, Redmine, Scrum, GIT...

Significant experience of remote work, also have an experience of management of a distributed development team. Full business process cycle:

  • analysis of the customer's business requirements
  • creation of a common spec and project architecture
  • recruiting, interviewing
  • decomposition of tasks, assigning it to developers
  • code review, control of tasks implementation
  • participation in the implementation
  • unit testing, stress, functional and acceptance testing
  • feedback in the process of work: timing, budget, functional
  • support after project delivery
  • analysis of project progress, statistics
  • financial accounting, execution of contracts, payment of taxes

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Engineering. Production. Service. Training.

Repetier-Host, Cura, Slic3r, OpenScad, FreeCad, Rhino...

  • 3d-modeling, 3d-scanning, 3d-printing
  • development and promotion of own project of SibRap 3d-printer on GitHub
  • design, assembly, repair and modification of 3D printers
  • learning to 3D modeling and 3D printing
  • propagation of training broadcasts and webinars
  • consulting on Skype on technical problems and production problems
  • engraving, milling, casting with the help of related industries
  • popularization of 3d printing
  • implementation of non-standard projects

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Dancing, massage

Oriental dances, acrobatics, acroyoga, pole dance, round dances, contact improvisation, Thai, holistic, pain massage.

Fashion and style, psychology

Cross-gender fashion. Psychological research. Designing of clothes and accessories.

Other interests

Yoga, workout, crossfit, blogging, longreads writing, singing, electronic music, English learning, travels.

Information Technology


Make websites layout with the Site.Faktura.Ru platform. Integration of customer sites with payment systems, integrate it with billing. Business processes automation. 200+ sites created (XML, XSLT, XPATH, XML Scheme) for banks (clients), optimized the process of connecting new clients (JSPs, scripts).

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Work on internal projects of the company, as well as on projects for third-party customers:

  • creating a training Flash-games Assessment Tools for an external customer. (America)
  • implementation of cartographic service in Java for a large transport company IT2ME (management of vehicles, more than 5000 cars). (Africa)
  • work on global Veterans Database with the BeanExplorer technology (Java / JDBC / MySQL / m4 macro processor). (Russia)
  • For map service, a MapUI map interface is developed, similar to Google Maps (JavaScript, XMLHttpRequest). Integration with the backend (XML parsing, interface generation, JSP) is implemented. (Africa)
  • The subsystem for generating reports for global Veterans Database is developed (Java JCharts). (Russia)

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Development of a financial document management system on the Eclipse RCP platform. Generating input forms, reports, creating a account entry generator, etc. Based on the Eclipse RCP technology stack (JDT, PDE, EMF, SWT, Graphiti), the accounting journal editor was created, numerous system interface errors were fixed, form validators were written, usability was improved.

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Custom software development:

  • personal websites
  • websites of companies
  • flash movies, banners, games
  • software components
  • Internet services
  • Web applications

Search and hiring developers in a team (up to 6 people), gathering requirements, technical specs writing, decomposing tasks for developers, remote development management using web tools (Redmine, Mantis, Google Docs, Skype, BaseCamp) in terms of time-budget-functional. Software quality control (handy, unit, stress testing).

Programming languages (frameworks): PHP (Drupal, Wordpress, Laravel, Yii, Kohana), Java (Spring Framework, Roo, J2EE), AS3 / Flex (Cairngorm, Robotlegs), Adobe Director (Shockwave) were used. IDEs: Flash / Flex Builder, Flash Develop, Eclipse, IDEA, Spring Tool Suite, PHPStorm, Adobe products. Utilities: Apache JMeter, Enterprise Architect, LibreOffice, Pencil. Programs: Photoshop, Corel, Blender, Camtasia Studio and other products.

There is a unique experience of development using open-source products based on Drupal:

  • CiviCRM
  • OpenSocial
  • Opigno LMS
  • H5P
  • Commerce
  • Ubercart
  • Sector

Among the completed projects:

  • Arkanoid-like Magic Ball game on Macromedia Shockwave technology for ITechnics, the final customer Alawar (Russia)
  • project for creating graphs SpicyNodes on Macromedia Flash technology for (America)
  • the medicament construction service PranaSystem (Adobe Flex) (Israel)
  • t-shirts constructor for (Adobe Flash) (Russia)
  • Internet service for video editing of training videos for (Adobe Flex, PHP) (France)
  • service of genetic testing by fingerprint (multithreaded Java server, Delphi-client) (Russia)
  • MMORPG online game Dragon Hunter like Heroes M&M III (multi-threaded server written on Lazarus, Flash client, AIR-client, PHP) (Russia)
  • the development of a hyperconvergent virtualization system based on Nutanix. We used Java Spring, Tomcat, Maven, AOP, a cluster of 3 nodes, for project management - GitLab. Fixed backend errors, the project is partially documented. (Russia)
  • Total Subscription Drupal module. Custom module developed and published on Drupal.Org as open-source software. (Prague, Czech Republic)
  • + 5-years Drupal experience at Code Your Dream (see below)

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Development of sites and Internet services based on CMF Drupal (6, 7 and 8 versions). Passage of internal training, how to create sites on CMF Drupal. Among the completed projects:

  • support and development of a major tourist portal (The Kingdom Of Aruba)
  • creation and launch of the distributed audio / video conversion service Alatt (like using RabbitMQ, youtube-dl, ffmpeg (America)
  • the creation of a mobile Android application for the store of healthy products TheVine with DrupalGap technology (America)
  • migration (from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8), development and theming (layout design based on W3.CSS, later on Twitter Bootstrap), a learning portal for schoolchild Schulminator (Germany)
  • migration (from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8), development and theming of large news portal Middle East Eye (London, GB)

I set tasks for developers, manage projects. We used project control systems Redmine, Mantis, Google Docs, BaseCamp, Open Atrium, Trello, Asana, and messengers Skype, Google Talk, Telegram.

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Development of sites and Internet services based on Yii, Wordpress, Node.JS. Completed the internal learning of AWS services as DevOps. Among the completed projects:

  • participation in the development of an analytical portal for universities SeligoAI based on Yii. Design and implementation of internal data structures and site interface. Read the article about the project SeligoAI (USA)
  • participation in the development of a portal for recruitment agencies SeligoHR based on Yii. Design and implementation of internal data structures and site interface. Read the article about the project SeligoHR (USA)
  • development of a network of charity sites Kiwanis based on Wordpress. Set up multisiting, created custom plugins, made up the theme of the site. (Америка)
  • support of the company's internal project CloudNoc based on Node.JS. Fixing bugs, product migration to new version of Zabbix.

Took part in group calls in Slack, Skype, Zoom. Control systems Jira, Confluence were used.

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Industrial production, service, training

Launching your own business for the production and sale of 3d printers:

  • engineering project development
  • development and launch of sites Азбука3д.рф /,,, forum, knowledge base
  • search and order of components
  • creating drawings
  • production order
  • prototype and order experimental lot of SibRap 3d-printers
  • preparation and publication of the project of 3d-printer SibRap on GitHub
  • promotion of sites on forums and social networks, writing and publishing of author's articles
  • search peoples and recruitment for some outsource work
  • growth to of 5 printers sales monthly
  • work simultaneously in six areas:
    • development / manufacture / sale SibRap
    • 3D printing by orders
    • sale of consumables
    • learning to 3D modeling and 3D printing
    • repair of 3D printers
    • assembly / calibration / upgrade of 3D printers

Successful search for partners, investors, staff. There are certificates for participation in exhibitions. For some time worked together with the Cubject Lab company.

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Reorientation of the company to assembling and repairing 3d printers from different manufacturers, as well as on-site training and training remotely via Skype. Conducting training online broadcasts and master classes.

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